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Summary of the Talk
Karen describes her talk: I start with an overview of the genus aloe; distribution and diversity of species. I go through a short tutorial on pollinating and seed production. I talk a little about the work of hybridizers up to the present, with a special mention about Kelly Griffin, who was my inspiration to try my hand at hybridizing. I show parent plants and offspring, including some that became good enough to name and distribute, and others that became disappointments. Then I show some promising babies and future possibilities.For more about Karen’s plants, see “Fantasy Aloe Hybrids,” posted on the Huntington blog.
Speaker:  Biographical Notes
Karen Zimmerman has loved and grown plants from a very young age, thanks to her grandparents. Succulents became a major passion of hers in 1994, and she has never slowed down. She has been with the Huntington Library, Art Galleries and Botanical Gardens for 18 years as Succulent Propagator, caring for the many thousands of potted plants in the Desert Collections.  Since 2002, aloe hybridizing became a “hobby” within her job. She still gets that same “Christmas morning” excitement when a batch of new aloe hybrid babies germinates. It’s even better when they start to develop some character, often very early with the first true leaf.  Despite careful breeding for specific traits such as color, size or toothiness, unexpected anomalies can appear in any breeding, especially given how complicated these aloe hybrids have become with generations of species and crosses in the mix. The standouts are, of course, the ones she craves! She has had 10 hybrids published and distributed through the Huntington’s International Succulent Introductions (ISI) program, with many more on the horizon.
Photography is another passion that she brings to her work, and has had many photos published in journals, books and a photography magazine.

June – On the Dry Side

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