Next Regular Meeting

November 18, 2018

Speaker: Guillermo Rivera

Born in Argentina. He created the company while working for Cordoba Botanical Gardens. He has been dedicated to the organization of tours for the last 15 years, throughout South America, Mexico, Africa with emphasis on plants (Succulents, Bromeliads, Orchids), birding, and nature tours.

Former researcher at the University of Cordoba, Argentina. BS degree in Biology University of Cordoba. MS Marine Biology. Northeastern University. PhD in Botany University of Cordoba.


Cactus:  Mammillaria.
Lithops, Aloinopsis, Conophytum, Faucaria, Pleiospilos 

2018 November Newsletter


Save the date – Future meetings are every 3rd Sunday

Board Meeting: 11:00 (members welcome)
Gathering: 12:00
Beginning of Plant Sale: 12:15
Potluck Lunch: 12:30
Program: 1:00



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